Abiko by Fuse-Atelier

This project is a residence for a couple in their thirties, built in Abiko City. The client desired a gallery-like concrete-made space where their pleasure of designed furniture stands out. The location is at the bottom of two plateaus on a soft foundation. Therefore, stakes were necessary to support a reinforced concrete structure. In order to reduce costs, contacting area to the ground was minimized and the number of stakes was reduced. Accordingly, the upper structure was cantilevered. Then, the walls in varying volumes and the roof slab were made into three-dimensional continuous slanted surface and the stress transmission was rationalized, which became a characteristic form.

Architects: fuse-atelier (Shigeru Fuse)
Location: Abiko, Chiba pref.,
Structural Engineers: Konishi Structural Engineers
Main contractor: Shishido Koumuten
Type: Houses-Residential
Site area: 101.00 sqm
Built area: 48.54 sqm
Total floor area: 80.01 sqm
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Shigeru Fuse


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