Fire Design by Rodolphe Gimenez

A word from Rodolphe Gimenez, creator of the concept:
The safety of a human legacy, a production tool, deserves professionalism! This is the mindset according to which Rodolphe Gimenez develops his trade.
His passion for decor and design led him to design a unique product which could finally meet the needs of homeowners when it comes to extinguishing domestic fires.
“In contrast to our fellow Europeans, only 5% of French households are equipped with an extinguisher. What’s more, in France, a fire is reported every 2 minutes. In view of this fact, and in order to protect my nearest and dearest, I decided to create Fire design so that fire extinguishers no longer had to be hidden away and so that fire safety and design could thus be combined.”
The strength of Fire Design: over 20 years of expertise accrued by our team of fire safety experts who provide our clients with professional skills and decisiveness and enable us to offer ground-breaking guarantees.
Since June 2009, when the concept was launched, Fire design has expanded its distribution network, reaching over 200 points of sale in France and nearly 60 abroad.


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