Clothes Rack Combo

If closet space is an issue for you (or is simply non-existent), purchasing a clothes rack is a great way to add some extra storage and organizational options for your garments. While the word clothing rack may stir up mental images of metal racks from department stores, clothing racks today come in a wide variety of styles and materials, with numerous organizational features that can help your clothing situation become even more organized.
Portable clothing racks can be used in a home with or without closet space, and can be particularly useful for renters. Available in numerous finishes and styles, as well as set sizes and adjustable versions, a portable clothes rack is a simple way to get more space for those items that need to be hung up. It’s also a great option if you don’t want to invest in a chest of drawers. Many items can be hung on a hanger, while socks and intimates can be stored in bins.  


3D Murals by John Pugh

John Pugh is an American artist known for creating large trompe-l'oeil wall murals giving the illusion of a three-dimensional scene behind the wall. Pugh has been creating his murals since the late 1970s. He attended California State University Chico, receiving his BA in 1983 and the Distinguished Alumni Award in 2003. He has received numerous public and private commissions in the United States, Taiwan, and New Zealand. He lives in Santa Cruz, California. His particular mural style sparked the term "Narrative Illusionism".

Lambent Chair by Glen Lewis Steele

Inspired by a collapsible, wooden, giraffe toy from my childhood, the ‘Lambent Chair’ is designed to shed light where you need it. Be it casting a soft light over a room or directing it down onto the fine text of your novel. A glowing switch placed behind the braid allows for the lamp to work by itself when not being used as a seat. However when you choose to sit on its floating seat, your weight compresses an inbuilt spring loaded mechanism. Activating an internal system of tension wires which tighten and loosen like tendons in a finger, causing the lamp to angle down towards you and then straighten back up when you stand. The New Zealand beech wood and Techflex, silica, braided shaft seemingly dangle from the striking, crescent, LED lamp. All adding to the illusion of an ethereal piece of furniture.

 source: DesignCreme

I-phone Case Combo 2

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Alix Sofa by Tilt, Limited Edition

Internationally renowned French graffiti artist Tilt has collaborated with Amaze workshops to create an incredible and somewhat unexpected new piece of work. Alix , his personal reimagination of a sofa , is an iconic and boundary pushing piece of bold design. Tilt has created a covetable item that combines statement style and quality, whilst pushing boundaries to provide an evolutionary contribution to design led functional furniture. The bold monochrome palette enhances the equally striking contrast of the padded leather with a clean wooden framework. From behind, the sofa looks like another brilliant piece of Tilt’s signature traditional graffiti artwork , but once seen from the other side, it transforms into a luxury piece of furniture, with an inviting erotic edge. Created in France, master craftsmen worked tirelessly over 752 hours to make Tilt ‘s incredible creativity and imagination a reality; suffice it to say, the whole project was undeniably worth every second.

Baubike by Michael Ubbesen Jakobsen

Inspired by Bauhaus design, the epitome of modernism, the BauBike makes artistic use of clean lines and geometric shapes. Creating a functional ride and a piece of art through design, the frame features squares and equilateral triangles limiting all of the lines to 60 or 90 degree angles. The extra open end piece over the back wheel gives you room to add an extra seat or basket.