Gradient Mashrabiya Sideboard by mischer'traxler

Commissioned by Carwan Gallery, mischer'traxler teamed up with an expert woodworker in Lebanon to redefine the constructive system of the traditional mashrabiyas - delicate wooden window screens often found in the Middle Eastern achritecture.
Inspired by the process of lathing the small wooden parts of mashrabiyas, mischer'traxler focused on exposing the many steps of production, to make the craftsmen's work visible and understandable to the observer. The result - a sideboard table - is composed of a network of more than 650 distinct pieces of manually carved wood. From rectangular slats to refined decorative elements, all stages are visible within the one object, which becomes increasingly more defined, detailed and fragile, but at the same time progressively more three-dimensional.

146 cm x 37cm x 89cm h


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