Opus football table by The Eleven Forty Company, Good versus Evil

The Opus - the world’s most unique and exquisite version of The Beautiful Game. Innovative design. Outstanding craftsmanship. Precision engineering. The Opus is a luxurious object of desire.
Edinburgh-based The Eleven Forty Company made the ‘Opus’ and with it simultaneously invented and owned a whole new category of product: football tables handmade, precision-engineered and technologically-equipped to the highest and most imaginative specification comprehensible to man.
Incorporating a hand-crafted, lacquer-finished maple wood cabinet, toughened frosted UV etched glass pitch, 6 balls (3 different types for different game play!), rebound plates, goal protection strips, telescopic aluminium rods with brass castings, ergonomically-designed handles and of course the now famous aluminium, hand-painted players with heads cast in minute doppelganging detail, each table takes 400 man hours to make. (It apparently only takes 27 to make a Mercedes).
This special edition ‘Good versus Evil” table convenes the ultimate adversarial battle on the turf (or toughened frosted UV etched glass) of the beautiful game and it’s ‘Souls’ not goals that are at stake. There were clearly large squads to choose from on both sides, but the final line-ups face up like this:
GOOD XI: CLAUS (as in Santa), MORE (as in Sir Thomas), MOORE (as in Bobby), GORDON (as in Flash), ROBIN (as in Christopher), GOD, ASSISI, JEKYLL, POPPINS, TERESA, M.K.GANDHI.
EVIL XI: POT, LUCIFER, CALIGULA, RIPPER (as in Jack), IMPALER (as in Vlad the), HITLER, MACBETH (as in Lady), HYDE, KLEBB (as in Rosa), AMIN, CATCHER (as in The Child).
Created exclusively for 20ltd.com, this special edition piece is limited to only 20 editions.

 sources: www.20ltd.com


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