The Gourmet Tea by Alan Chu


Designed by Brazilian architect Alan Chu, the counter of The Gourmet Tea slides forward from beneath a purple hatch, while shelves can be wheeled out from behind a grey panel and a cupboard emerges from behind a large brown door.

As on the earlier stores, the design was inspired by the brand’s bright packing for its range of 35 organic tea blends, but on each new project new light is given to the use of color.
The colorful plywood box opens in many ways to the public creating a dynamic, joyful atmosphere around it self using design as a tool to provide the right brand experience.

 Location: São Paulo, Brasil Area: 25,00m2
Project : 2011 Construction: 2012
Architecture: Alan Chu Team: Thiago Moretti
Photography  by Djan Chu.


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