AMMO Restaurant by Joyce Wang, Hong Kong

Built by the British army in the mid-19th century, the former explosives magazine compound is a culturally and historically significant site.
Copper appears as a predominant material in the restaurant space – a material commonly found in machine rooms and industrial settings.
Through these juxtapositions, the diner is at once confronted with a design that is retro yet futuristic; mechanical yet luxurious.
The bunker-like ceiling is supported by copper ribs and lit warmly to further reference the explosives magazine history.
Diners will find themselves in a space that begs them to question the significance of its context. Under careful study of materials and detailing, the diners will be rewarded with clues as to ascertain the siteʼs history.
Luxurious materials such as leather, velvet and silk were chosen to offset the hard-edged custom fixtures and detailing found in the design.
With such a significant site comes inspiration drawn from a significant film noir masterpiece- Alphaville.
The AMMO restaurant not only references its prestigious context but pays tribute to it aesthetically and conceptually.
Within the restaurant, theyʼve utilised three staircases to draw the viewers attention to the 6 meters high ceiling as well as to create a dramatic and dynamic effect within the space.

photo © WANG, AMMO


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