Colorful House in Torres Vedras by Pedro Gadanho

This house in Torres Vedras, Portugal, designed by Portuguese architect and designer Pedro Gadanho, is a colorful wonderland of eyecandy.
Upon viewing this house for the first time, some of you might be hit with a sensory overload, but that is exactly what the designer of this house intended to happen. Through the use of some pastel sort of colors that also happen to be very bright, he has been able to create something that is bright and fun, but also uplifting and not too overbearing as well. We can imagine it would be hard to stay in a bad mood if you were living in this house because all of the bright and fun colors that are used here just make you want to stay in a good mood at all times.
He has also made sure to make a nice contrast of all of the different colors and to not to overdo any certain color so that everything ends up being nice and varied. Almost like a living cartoon, the different elements of this house end up creating a total package that would definitely impress any guests that enter the house. After seeing this design from Pedro we are very interested in seeing what else he has up his sleeves.


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