Surreal Architecture by Victor Enrich

Victor Enrich is born in Barcelona in 1976. He is still a kid when begins to express a strong interest in maps and urban form through games such as Lego, bringing out their creativity to design imaginary cities in scale. Uses all the knowledge acquired at school to name the streets of his imaginary cities and to provide them with topography, structure and functionality. As he enters the adolescent years, gradually discovers Computer Graphics software such as Drafix Cad and then Autocad, in its early releases, which allow him to make a qualitative leap in terms of levels of detail and graphic politeness. He spends hours and hours creating urban grids, which are then printed on A4 paper to be assembled with each other reaching areas of several square meters. In the years before University, discovers the possibility of 3D as an even more powerful tool to represent virtual spaces. Enters the Barcelona School of Architecture with one of the highest grades in his promotion and widespread knowledge in technical drawing 2 and 3 dimensions. Performs Architecture studies during the next 6 years but decides to drop out for lack of vocation to this profession, Architect, that finds out different to what he had always thought. However, in parallel, builds up a reputation in the field of architectural visualization, becoming its main activity. During the following years, until the mid 30s he is professionally extremely active working for many clients located in the ​​Barcelona area. Designers, Architects, Engineers, Real Estate & Construction Companies and Public Institutions become part of the vast list of clients that Victor Enrich builts for over 10 years in as an Architectural Visualizer. Although, due to the serious crisis in the sector, and supported by his strong desire to resurrect his creativity, left behind years ago, decides to take a break in his job and begin to experience in the creative realm. Today, he is dedicated exclusively to the development of his art, which is indivisibly associated to his other great passion: travelling. Over the past 10 years, intermittently, but permanently in the last 5, Victor Enrich is immersed in a slow motion trip around the world, focusing on the relentless pursuit of urban form to inspire his art.


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