Shintaro OHATA“Polaris”

Exhibition of Shintaro OHATA“Polaris” at  ART FAIR TOKYO  2012 starting on March 30.

A message from the artist...

I named this exhibition title “Polaris” because I long for something absolute and firm like “Polaris” ,which is always very bright and seems to be situated in the same place of the universe all the time.
I also wish to find a core like Polaris in my heart.
For example,the girl with i pod (or some portable media player) in the city buzz is trying to find where her real heart is by listening to her favorite music,

 “Feeling” does not exist as a shape in our body,however I often feel the existence of it for sure.
I personally can feel my heart the most when I paint.
Thinking about the time I wish to paint,there are some moments when I realize how beautiful and dramatic the common site in our everyday life is.
By painting that,I think I am trying to know my deep feelings. Moreover,when I strongly feel I want to share it with other people,I think I would come up with a painting that has universal beauty which can connect me and other people.

I wish I can express that kind of beauty through common site.
This kind of feeling, longing for something very strong, might be my “Polaris”.

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