Ossa folding chiar by Johannessen & Clarke

The folding chair OSSA is an occasional dining chair designed for use both indoors and outdoors. It is constructed to evoke surprise and delight with an expressive folding motion through its center spine. OSSA is the Latin name for bones which tributes the fifty bone elements required for the spinal hinge and equally points to our inspiration of anatomy and Canadian wildlife such as venison or wild goats.
The angles and precise spacing of the spine hinge allows the bones to only bend in one direction and lock into position in its open state. OSSA has a strong anthropomorphic character articulated through formal cues and will make you smile as you transform and fold the chair from its erect unfolded state to its resting folded state.
Frame _ White powder coated stainless steel
Seat _ Western Larch
Strap _ English Kip leather
Dimensions in cm _ W47 X D47 X H78


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