Oak and Copper Sideboard by Joint Perspectives

Joint Perspectives, a young design studio based in London formed by María Meller and Mirja Sick, recently completed a sideboard using discarded pieces of materials.
The inspiration for the sideboard was drawn from discarded slabs of materials, lying side by side in the workshop. The visual impact created by this chance encounter triggered the idea for a piece that highlights the individual qualities of materials.

 The sideboard opens up to reveal a set of 5 drawers, each with a different volume, designed to fit a collection of varied glassware.

 The look and the feel of the materials directly relate to the contrast between old and new, shiny and opaque, regular and irregular. Behind the sculptural front lies a completely functional hidden interior.

Every slab is individually cut from solid oak, with no angle being the same.

The sideboard consists of just two materials, oak and copper - but in different stages of life. The copper sheets were left outside for a month, whereas the dark oak was weathered for years.


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