Coat Racks Combo

 We don't know who invented the coat rack, but historically, it has been a very handy option, since before the turn of last century, most houses were built with limited closet space. Clothes were usually stored in trunks, and coat racks were made for use of for hanging clothes. Armoires were also often used, but were a much more ornate and heavier option than were easy to move wall model coat racks and freestanding coat racks. They were also much more expensive and took up much more space.

Because of their ease of use and versatility, coat racks are making a comeback. They are ideal for small spaces, such as the studio apartment, and are much more versatile than built-in closets. They are also a much more inexpensive option, since the logistical and financial considerations of installing closets can be many, especially in older houses that traditionally do not have them. It's a relatively simple matter to install a wall coat rack, since all you need is readily available wall space. No additional floor space is required. 


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