Memento Mori Watch by Fiona Krüger

Young designer Fiona Krüger has designed an incredible watch that puts the concept of time in perspective, basically reminding you that with every second, you are growing a little bit closer to death.
Fiona Krüger is a recent graduate of  ECAL/University of Arts  and for her final thesis project, she designed this “memento mori” themed watch. While luxuriously and skillfully constructed, this is ultimately a timepiece that reminds one of their own fleeting mortality. Not particularly cheery, but a great concept nonetheless to base a watch off of. Fiona’s design incorporates the traditional Mexican imagery of Dia de los Muertos, along with a subtle nod to Mary Queen of Scott’s intricate 17th century timepiece. The skeletal faceplate is made from layered gold and metal, the case from solid silver and mineral hand cut glass, with blue steel hands and finished off with a dark blue calf leather strap and a silver buckle.



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