" Let Me In " Eduardo Flores at Artishox Gallery

New exhibition entitled “Let Me In” by Eduardo Flores (aka BAYO)  at Artishox Gallery in Hasselt, Belgium.

Eduardo Flores says about his work; “The way people internalize what happens in the world is unique to the individual. My work shows how this can lead a person to different internal extremes. My aim is to reflect the resulting consciousness and anxiousness through a series of questions related to one’s state of being.  My current body of work depicts the inner debate that confronts the ego as a mediator for the demands of individuality and as a self-energy that keeps fanatical vigilance over its survival.  The fundamental quest for turning individuality into a delusional existence. A series of characters immerse in a non-stop battle of energy. Positive against destructive.

To see more from this exhibition, visit Artishopix. Check out BAYO’s other work at Artwork.Bayo.Me.com and Behance.


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